Making Travel Affordable

There are a lot of reasons people believe that they’ll never be able to travel. The most commonly used is that it’s too expensive, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be. I purchased a flight with Air Asia today from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. This flight would usually cost around $328 USD at best, but today I purchased mine for $116 USD, that’s a total savings of $212!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Being a pretty frugal person in general, I’m always looking for great travel deals. There are lots of ways to keep current with air sales and other budget busters that will help you travel for less. Just a few examples include having a high interest savings account, joining mileage clubs for all the airlines you fly with, and signing up for newsletters from your favorite globe-trotting bloggers and travel websites (they’ll notify you on great flight fares, mileage bonuses, and more).

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

A newsletter e-mail from Nomadic Matt  I read this morning was the perfect opportunity to book my flight for less than I had initially planned on spending.

Air Asia has an unbelievable sale happening right now for fall/winter flights starting at $83 USD; now that’s a steal. The booking period lasts until August 19th, so click here to check it out .

Sometimes planning a trip abroad takes six months, others may take several years, but try to remember that with patience and a little strategy it’s possible to go anywhere in the world without spending a fortune.

Still don’t know quiet where to start? I would recommend following Matthew Kepnes, the founder of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. His website is super easy to navigate and a great source of first hand travel information, he also sends out weekly newsletters you can sign up for here.

Coming Soon: I’m headed out west on a cross-country road trip next week starting in Salt Lake City, Utah! Watch out for upcoming articles on what I’m bringing and the route we’re taking.

Have other travel related questions? Feel free to submit a comment below.

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