Photo of the Week 3


Here’s a recent photo from one of my favorite places in the whole world,

the window seat.

Flying allows people to witness the world from a new and incredible perspective that is otherwise unattainable. Passenger planes have only come into existence within the last century and with their creation travel has been revolutionized. Due to this invention, it is now possible to have breakfast in Uganda and Dinner in Los Angeles, making the world feel smaller and more connected than ever before.

Traveling by plane is one of my favorite forms of transportation because it has enabled me to see beautiful and remote parts of the globe, even if I have never stepped foot in some of these places. A few of my favorite and most memorable regions have been the snow capped mountains of Northeastern Russia, picturesque sunsets over the water in South Korea, rolling fields of grain in Italy, the lush tropics of Sri Lanka, and Bahrain’s city lights as they glittered over the persian gulf.

So next time you fly, try to sit in the window seat, you might be surprised at what your eyes discover.